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Voice-Over & Transcription Services

Let BridgeLanguages provide voice-over and transcription services for all of your foreign language projects in Denver, across the US, and worldwide.

Voice-Over Services

BridgeLanguages provides foreign-language voice recordings based on your own scripts for a variety of uses. Whether you need Spanish dubbing for a DVD, Russian voice prompts for a user interface, or a German recording for a meeting simulcast, let BridgeLanguages meet your needs with top-quality voice recording in any language.

BridgeLanguages Voice-Over Services Include:

Professional-grade talent.
Your voice-over project will be completed by a trained professional who speaks your target language as their native tongue.
Professional audio editing.
BridgeLanguages will edit and cut the audio files to meet your specifications and needs.
Competitive pricing.
Most voice-over services charge a premium for foreign-language work. Luckily, foreign languages are our area of expertise, so you will get a superior result at a fraction of the cost!

When do I need voice-over services?

Do you have a video, presentation, or advertisement you want translated for a foreign market? BridgeLanguages can provide the professional voice talent and experience that you need to effectively reach your target audience.

Transcription Services

Transcription is the process of converting an audio recording into a written record. If you need to translate a foreign-language recording into a written document, BridgeLanguages can help! Simply send us your recording in MP3, WAV, or similar file format, and let us do the work for you. Combine transcription with translation to get your foreign-language recording translated into a written document in English.

When do I need transcription services?

Law offices, insurance companies, medical practices, and government agencies that need written documentation in place of audio recordings often utilize transcription.

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