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Quality Assurance

BridgeLanguages guarantees accuracy, reliability, and accountability in our translation and interpretation services.

In today’s global world, a lot is riding on accurate and efficient communication in a multilingual environment, whether it is on an interpersonal, business, or governmental level. At BridgeLanguages, we understand that accurate translation and interpretation can make or break a sale, a meeting, or an application, and our quality assurance process reflects our dedication to accuracy, reliability, and accountability in our translation work.

BridgeLanguages follows a rigorous quality assurance process, which begins even before we receive your request. We work with only the very best translation and interpretation teams, ensuring that your projects are handled with the expert care you require. Once assigned to our expert translators, translation projects are subjected to several levels of scrutiny and review.

How it works



Documents are evaluated for any difficult or ambiguous wording which might affect the finished translation. You will be consulted regarding any preferred translations for specific terms; translators will also evaluate past translations in order to render the most accurate and consistent translation possible.



All documents are meticulously translated and then further reviewed by an additional translator to double-check that the work is ready for delivery.



Clients may review the final translation, and if any terminology preferences need to be changed, BridgeLanguages will provide the update free of charge!

Certified translators and interpreters

We work with only the best interpreters, with certifications from the top and most trusted certifying bodies and institutions. BridgeLanguages understands that the success of your meetings, conferences, and presentations often depends on an interpreter, and we will work closely with you to ensure that your needs are exceeded.

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