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Onsite Interpretation

With nearly 30 years of experience, BridgeLanguages offers accurate, reputable onsite interpretation services in Denver, across the US, and worldwide.

When using onsite interpretation, your interpreter is not only crucial in ensuring that communication occurs accurately and smoothly, but also serves as a representative for your organization. At BridgeLanguages, our interpreters are selected for their linguistic skills and technical expertise, as well as their professional appearances, demeanors, and cultural competency.

BridgeLanguages works in three recognized categories of onsite interpretation: consecutive, simultaneous, and liaison interpretation.

Onsite Consecutive Interpretation

In consecutive interpretation, the participants and interpreter alternate speaking in short bursts. The speaker will address for several sentences, and then pause while the interpreter relays the meaning in the target language to the receiving party. This method of interpretation allows participants to take their time, engage in a dialogue, and get clarification as new or unfamiliar ideas are presented.

When do I need a consecutive onsite interpreter?

Consecutive interpreting is provided for small group meetings, interviews, and conversations between parties speaking two different languages. It is commonly used during legal proceedings, medical appointments, immigration interviews, and clinical research trials.

Onsite Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is the parallel act of interpreting in the target language while the speaker continues in the source language. Utilizing simultaneous interpretation allows conversations or presentations to flow continuously without interruption. For larger parties or particular situations, special equipment may be used, including headphones, microphones, and booths. Using simultaneous interpretation equipment can also support several different target languages at once, similarly to methods used in UN assemblies.

Whisper-Concurrent Interpretation

A subset of simultaneous interpretation, whisper-concurrent interpretation is possible in situations where no specialized equipment is available. In this style, an interpreter literally whispers in the ear of the listener, or speaks in a low voice in the back of the room to one or a small group of listeners, without interrupting the rest of the presentation. This is a specialized form of interpreting that can only work under certain conditions.

When do I need a simultaneous onsite interpreter?

Simultaneous interpreters are often used for large meetings and presentations, or in situations where the additional time needed for consecutive interpretation is limited or unavailable.

Liaison Interpretation

A liaison interpreter travels with the client and provides interpretation assistance throughout the duration of a trip overseas. Liaison interpretation may also be used within the United States to assist visiting clients, coworkers, or dignitaries who do not speak English.

When do I need a liaison interpreter?

Liaison interpretation is typically utilized by business or diplomatic travelers.

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