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Marketing Material Translations for Higher Education Institutions

BridgeLanguages can translate websites, brochures, videos, and other marketing materials for educational institutions to ease communication with international students.

Website Translations

To access foreign markets and better communicate with international students, educational institutions need website content available in one or multiple foreign languages. In addition, many accreditation and membership groups require or prefer translated web content. BridgeLanguages will take your current online content and render a translation in an easily manageable format for a perfect foreign-language reproduction of your website.

Brochure Translations

Brochures for your institution and its various academic programs can be translated into foreign languages for easier use by international students. You simply provide the native files from your marketing team, and BridgeLanguages will return an exact translation in a print-ready format. We can work with content in a range of file formats, including the Adobe Design Suite and QuarkXPress, among others.

Video Voice-Over, Transcription, and Subtitle Translation

If your institution is creating videos for international recruitment, advertising, and public relations, let Bridge help! We can provide expert native voice-over services, transcription and translation for subtitling, and consultation for the video production.

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