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Document Translation Services

BridgeLanguages can translate legal, medical or technical documents of any length, in over 80 languages, with the care and reliability you can count on from our team of language experts.

In our nearly thirty years of experience, BridgeLanguages has translated thousands of documents for a wide variety of situations, such as medical translations, legal translations and technical translations. We regularly handle documents of all lengths, types, formats, and languages. Whether it’s a one-page birth certificate or a hundred-page company manual, we will give your translation the same dedication to quality and professionalism that we give to each of our projects. Over the years, we’ve developed a streamlined procedure to handle requests and established methods to avoid the most common pitfalls in the translation process.

We provide the following document translation services in Denver and worldwide:


You don’t just need a word-for-word transliteration of your content, you need to effectively communicate with your audience using the idioms and phrases that they will understand and relate to. Our translators are experts with regional language differences, specialized terms and expressions, levels of formality, and other linguistic and cultural nuances—so you can be sure that your translation will be both accurate and effective for its designated purpose.


Our ability to work in the latest versions of several document-formatting software products allows us to return your document in any format you choose. No copying, pasting, or reformatting is necessary. When you receive your translation, you will be able to read seamlessly between documents, comparing "apples to apples."

Quality Assurance

Your translation is always checked by an independent native speaker of the target language to verify that the intent of the document matches the original, and to ensure that there are not any spelling, grammatical, or translation errors. Your project manager will contact you with any terminological issues that may arise, making sure that the document matches any standardization that you or your business may already have in place.

Competitive Prices

Our extensive worldwide network of translators and our streamlined translation process allow us to deliver your document on time, with some of the most competitive prices in the market. BridgeLanguages’ combination of decades of experience, qualified translators, and first-rate customer service means we can translate your documents from any language to any language (or multiple languages), with a proven combination of speed, accuracy, and care. See a list of the languages that we translate.

Proofreading of a Previously Translated Document

If you have a document that has already been translated, either by you or with another translator, we can proofread and certify the translation. This step is necessary for use by any government agency as well as most academic, financial, and legal institutions. When doing a translation with BridgeLanguages, this proofreading step is already included in the process and a certification of the translation can be requested if you need one!

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