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Translation and Interpretation FAQs

Frequently asked questions about translation and interpretation.

$0.00! All quotes are free, so feel free to send us your documents for evaluation. In most cases, you will receive your price quote within one business day.
Translations are priced on a per-word basis, and the rate depends on the language being translated, the technical nature of the document, and the deadline. Fill out the quote form and we will be happy to prepare a cost estimate for you within one business day. Proofreading and certification of the documents are included in the price of the translation.
Our normal turnaround time is 2-4 business days for smaller projects. However, the turnaround time is ultimately determined by the word count and technicality of the document. Please fill out the quote form or give us a call and we will be happy to include the turnaround time along with the price in the quote that we return to you. We can also provide rush delivery services on a case-by-case basis.
We do provide certified translations. Usually a certified translation is required for immigration or academic purposes, or for legal or “official purposes.” The translated document is certified by adding a cover letter to the translation, which states that the translation is complete and accurate to the best of our knowledge, and that the translator is bilingual and competent to do the translation. The translation contains the signature of the project manager, and then is signed and stamped by a Notary Public. Additional copies may be obtained anytime for a small extra charge.
For translations that are being used outside of the United States, we recommend getting an Apostille for the certified translation. An Apostille is a document which is issued by the State Department of Colorado and certifies the validity of the signing notary public in certain foreign countries. If you require an Apostille, we would be happy to arrange this service for you.
In order for us to certify a document, we have to ensure that it is a true and accurate translation of the original. A document must be translated by one of our translators in order to receive a certification from our company. However, we can complete a proofread/review of the translation and attach a certification letter to the completed document.
You can send documents through several methods:
i. Fax (303) 777-7246
ii. Mail or walk-in: 225 East 16th Avenue, Suite 120, Denver, Colorado 80203
iii. Online: Please see the submission form
iv. Email:
We accept almost every file format, ranging from Microsoft Office programs and Adobe files, to scanned images and JPGs.
Your translation is returned to you in the same format in which it was presented to us, as a default. However, our translators are capable of working in and converting to several popular design formats on your behalf. Your translation project manager will discuss these options with you before we begin the translation.
Translations will always be completed by a human being. Although our teams will often make use of a computer-assisted translation tools (CATs), we will never deliver any translation that hasn’t been translated by a real person.
Translation pertains to the conversion of the written word from one language into another. Interpretation is the conversion of the spoken word from one language into another.
Yes, we do offer interpretation services nationwide. We can provide qualified interpreters in a variety of languages. We can also provide phone interpretations as well. Please call us to set up interpretation services..
Telephonic interpretation services can be provided worldwide. In-person services can also be provided worldwide in most cases. Please contact a BridgeLanguages representative for further assistance in scheduling an interpreter.
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