The 4-Step Process of Document Translation


If your business needs documents translated, you may wonder what exactly that process entails. At BridgeLanguages in Denver, we use the expertise of over 30 years in the industry to efficiently manage your translation project from start to finish. These are the specifics of how the process works:

  1. Initial Review.

After receiving your request, your project manager will take some time to review and define a clear scope of service. We’ll work to make sure we understand exactly what you need. We’ll double-check your documents, list your target language(s), and make sure that we have accounted for everything you need in the translation. Once this is done, we will provide you with your free service proposal, including price quote.

  1. The translation.

Your content is stored on a secure server, and is delivered to the translator who best fits your specific needs. We work with some of the most qualified translation professionals in the world, across a wide range of disciplines, for nearly every language you could ask for (more than 80).

  1. Review and delivery.

Once the translator has completed his or her work, your content is reviewed for accuracy in the target language. For translations that require more detailed design work, we see to it that your content is merged into your documents’ native files for a professional deliverable that you can be proud of.

  1. Follow-through.

We make sure that your translations are safely maintained for the future reference of our translators, in case you request any follow-up translation projects. In building a team of translators custom-made for your needs, we will make sure that each and every subsequent translation request you bring to us is treated with the same level of expertise. This also allows us to develop consistency in your preferred usage of language.

The steps of the BridgeLanguages Translation Process are straightforward but thorough, and we always keep your needs and personal preferences as the foremost priority. Contact us to discuss your upcoming translations projects.


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