Student Spotlight: Beginning Russian Learner, Dustin

My name is Dustin. My experience with Bridge Languages has been truly effective, fun, and stimulating. As a beginner level Russian A1 student, starting from the beginning can be daunting. However, Bridge Languages gave me a very warm welcoming and a supportive introductory plan to meet all my needs.

Bridge Languages supports their customers’ needs by having flexible schedules and adjusting to different learning needs. I also felt that I was a little behind since I started late into a course. So, Bridge also offers private lessons if you ever need some extra help.

Different teaching styles can be a concern when taking a language course. However, with Bridge Languages my teacher, Angela Prodanova, has been exceptional. I always remember when I took a Russian beginner course in college; the tactics used were very drill sergeant-like with all word-repeating with no peer interaction.

Angela’s Russian beginner level A1 course brings live peer interaction and personal accountability. Angela challenges each student to answer her in Russian and form sentences. I also really enjoy Angela’s enthusiasm to teach us. She moves around in the classroom and motivates us. When we get answers right she jumps up with a smile giving us positive feedback. Angela’s teaching culture and creativity keep me personally coming back for more fun, challenges, and success. Angela is highly aligned to my vision and ultimate goal of effectively transitioning to be a Russian language speaker.

Bridge offers classes ranging from Russian, Japanese, Spanish, and more! Our conversational approach will have you speaking your new language from the very first day. Read FAQs about language courses at Bridge.

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