Planning Your Upcoming Event with an Interpreter

When planning an interview, meeting, presentation, or conference with a foreign language participant or audience involved, interpreters are an integral part of your planning process. These are some of the planning steps to consider if you need onsite interpretation at an event.

First, to use a corporate presentation as an example, let’s consider the planning basics that normally take place before the interpretation is arranged. You must first consider the venue and delivery method (e.g., a hotel ballroom or a web-based platform). Who will be presenting, and what topics will they be speaking about? Who will be preparing the speaking points? What kind of materials will the speaker be using, and how will this content be provided to the audience (perhaps a slide presentation via a projector)?

A lot of the planning for the presentation revolves around ensuring that the presenter is well prepared. In reality, the presenter will often be a subject matter expert who is intimately familiar with the general topic and specific points he or she will be presenting.

Now let’s look at this same example and consider the related planning for the interpretation. First and foremost, you’ll have to consider the basic logistics; the interpreter needs the location of your event (or, if the event is web-based, he or she will need access credentials for your platform of choice as a presenter). For onsite events, it may be necessary to reserve specialized equipment such as booths, transmitters with microphones, and receivers with headsets.

On top of the logistics, the interpreter will also need to become a subject matter expert, and will become as familiar as possible with the specific ins-and-outs of the presentation. This issue is one of the most overlooked, yet absolutely critical issues for an interpretation.

Since the interpreter is the voice of your organization, you owe it to your foreign-language audience to permit the interpreter time to prepare and learn. BridgeLanguages helps you get started early with every step of the planning process to make your upcoming event a success for diverse attendees.

If you are in need of interpretations or translation services for yourself, your business, or for a client, contact Nick Winkler at (303) 785-8869 to learn more about BridgeLanguages in Denver.

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