Jannette: Spanish Language Student in Denver!

Jannette is a student in our High Beginner Spanish classes at our downtown Denver language center. She grew up here in Denver, “surrounded by Hispanic classmates, friends and neighbors,” and as a first-generation Italian-American herself, she loves to celebrate different cultures. We interviewed her more about her experience learning Spanish at Bridge.

What made you decide to study Spanish?

I have always been drawn to Spanish. I like hearing it and I enjoy speaking it, even though I am just beginning my journey. One reason I am studying so diligently is that I want to travel to several Spanish-speaking countries. I just haven’t decided which ones yet, though Panama, Chile and Argentina are high on my list.

What is your background, and does learning a new language relate to your job?

I work in budgeting and financial analysis, so learning a language is pretty far from what I do on a daily basis. But the ability to speak Spanish is paying dividends with my company’s public customers and diverse mix of employees. Most appreciate that I am trying to communicate in their language.

What are your learning goals? What would you like to achieve?

I want to see how close I can come to being “literate.” I don’t know if being fluent is possible, but who knows? I enjoy other cultures and I can think of no better way to immerse myself in the culture than being able to speak to someone in their native tongue.

Describe the classroom environment for your Spanish classes at Bridge.

What I like about Bridge is the small-size class, which means the instructors (they are excellent, by the way) can spend quality time with each student.

What are some of your favorite activities in class?

I love getting to know my fellow students and learning about their interests in Spanish. It is a safe place as we struggle together to learn new words, rules and concepts. It is even enjoyable when I make mistakes and I can laugh at myself. I also love hearing the instructor speak Spanish continuously in class, which is really a great way to learn.

What is your biggest challenge in learning a new language?

The challenge for me is to put the words together correctly! At this point, I know plenty of words but I wonder if I’m making any sense when I try to speak Spanish with native speakers.

For you, what is the biggest advantage in learning a new language?

I want to explore the world, and learning a language gives me a tool to do so.

What’s your reason for wanting to learn a foreign language? Browse languages or take a photo tour of our downtown Denver language school!

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