Interview with Translations Expert, Paola

At BridgeLanguages, we provide interpretations and translations by qualified professionals with experience in the field. Translation pertains to the conversion of the written word from one language into another, while interpretation is the conversion of the spoken word from one language into another.

One professional in this field is Paola. We recently caught up with her to learn a bit more about her background and what she does for Bridge.

Hi Paola! What type of service do you provide?

I provide English to Spanish translations.

How did you get into this unique industry?

I studied long and hard at university for five years to become a professional translator, and then spent fifteen years at different international translation companies.

What do you like best about your job? 

I love to convey messages from one culture to another and being able to learn as I work. I like being able to manage my time and being able to be on the road and work.

What would you say is the advantage to ordering a professional translation (vs. just having a bilingual friend help me)?

Translators are language bi-cultural specialists and have a professional approach to conveying a message that can by no means be literal, or subject to misinterpretations as a result of insufficient linguistic knowledge (i.e. punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc.). This is especially so for Latin American Spanish. Translation language professionals must be aware of the many nuances of Spanish throughout Latin America, avoiding terms that may be fine in many countries, but potentially offensive in a certain region of Latin America.

What’s the most unusual/interesting document someone has requested you translate?

It was the monthly magazine, written by journalists, for a project management organization. The pieces covered incredibly exciting projects of all sorts around the world.

What is the #1 factor that makes a translating job a success?

I think one of the most important factors to success is great communication: understand our client’s expectations, resolve queries and thoroughly understand job requirements. Working with BridgeLanguages has been a successful experience, precisely because we have that ease in our communications.

 If you’re in need of translations or interpretations for yourself, your business or for a client, contact Nick Winkler at (303) 785-8869 to learn more about BridgeLanguages’ Services.

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