BridgeLanguages students at German Social Club

Foreign Language Social Clubs at Bridge

There are many motivating factors when it comes to taking foreign language classes, and socializing and making new friends rank near the top of the list for most people. It’s no surprise, really! In our world of online social networking, getting together in person to interact and engage can be a refreshing change.

Foreign language classes offer a chance to meet people who share your interests, and learning a language gives you the power to communicate with new people in your home country, or to immerse yourself in different culture abroad. With this in mind, BridgeLanguages takes foreign language learning beyond the classroom with our regular Conversation Social Clubs in Denver.


These clubs provide our language students, and anyone in the Denver community, with a chance to get out and practice the language skills they’re learning. We currently offer Social Club Meetups for Spanish, German, Russian, and Portuguese.

BridgeLanguages students at Portuguese Social Club

Conversation Social Clubs meet at restaurants or other locations that give students a taste of the culture to go along with the language. A BridgeLanguages teacher is on-hand to encourage conversation and help students if they have questions, but the goal is mainly to speak the language in an informal, natural setting, among friends.

: BridgeLanguages students at German Social Club

Social Clubs are just one aspect of the language learning experience at Bridge in downtown Denver, where we offer classes for students from beginner level to advanced.

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