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Academic Transcript Translations

BridgeLanguages provides certified translations of transcripts and academic documents in a variety of languages for both incoming international students and outbound study abroad participants.

Incoming International Transcript Translations

International students and the schools evaluating them often struggle to find high quality translation services for their academic documents. BridgeLanguages provides certified translations of foreign transcripts, diplomas, and other credentials for incoming study abroad and transfer students. We take foreign language transcripts and documents and deliver English-language copies which are ready for use by your institution or the evaluation service of your choice.

Outbound Study Abroad Transcript Translations

Similarly, we can assist your outbound study abroad participants by providing certified translations of their documents in the required language of the host country where they will study abroad. BridgeLanguages has assisted hundreds of students in their study abroad efforts over the years, ensuring that their paperwork and documentation is usable by the various institutions and organizations in their host countries. BridgeLanguages can also assist in arranging for an Apostille on the translation’s certification if necessary.

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