Valentine’s Spotlight: Max Learns German at Bridge


There are many reasons to learn a new language, and this Valentine’s Day, we’re highlighting one of the best ones. Meet Max, from Colorado, who took Beginner German classes at BridgeLanguages with a few language goals in mind… not least of which was to communicate with a certain German au pair he met and wanted to know better. Read how, as Max describes it, “Learning a language opens doors.”

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Meet Norman, Japanese Language Student at Bridge


Do you have a goal in mind when it comes to learning a foreign language? Maybe you’d like to take a trip abroad, communicate with someone special, or broaden your job opportunities. Norman, a Japanese language student at Bridge in downtown Denver, has his own goal in mind. He shared with us about why he decided to challenge himself by re-learning the Japanese of his childhood in retirement, and what his goal is for the coming year.

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Why Working With a Professional Translator Is Important


Should you trust your company’s translation project to a bilingual colleague or other non-professional, or go with a translation company? The reasons to choose a professional company may not seem obvious at first, but factors such as translators’ credentials and industry expertise as well as the quality assurance a company can provide are just some of the reasons it makes sense to put your translations projects into professional hands.

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Simultaneous vs. Consecutive Interpretation: What is the difference and which one do I need?


If you are hosting a meeting, conference, visit, or other event that will involve multiple languages you will need an interpreter to help communication run smoothly. Yet there are different types of interpretation services. Which one do you need? The main two types of interpretation are simultaneous (SI) and consecutive (CI). Here’s a quick breakdown […]

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Should you study Brazilian or European Portuguese?


You’ve decided to study Portuguese but you’re stuck between two options: Brazilian Portuguese? Or European Portuguese? There are vast differences between the two: the languages differ in pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary, and the cultures are unique. Some people say that the Portuguese and Brazilians can even have difficulty understanding each other! This may be an […]

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